NCAF Meetings Archive
Autumn 2006

Programme for Bristol Meeting
Special Theme - Image Processing
Special Session - Postgraduate Student Papers
13-14 September 2006
Sponsored by BAE Systems

Wednesday 13 September 2006
Day 1 – Themed Papers
09.00  Registration and Tea / Coffee
09.30  Markov Random Fields for Computer Vision Applications
Carsten Rother (Microsoft Research)
10.10  Vision Chips with Analogue Cellular Processor Arrays
Piotr Dudek (Manchester University)
10.45  Tea / Coffee
11.15  Hyperspectral Imagery and its Application to the Military Domain
Chris Willis (BAE Systems ATC)
11.55  Model Matching with the TINA Computer Vision System
Neil Thacker (Manchester University)
12.30  Lunch
13.30  An Adaptive Filter for People Tracking in Crowded and Occlusion Dense Scenes
Andrew Cooke (BAE Systems ATC)
14.15  Visual Orientating
Jon Chambers (Sheffield University)
15.00  Tea / Coffee
15.30  Identity Estimation in a Multiple-Feature Fusion Framework
Valerie Leung (Kingston University)
16.15  Solution to Puzzle Corner #33 
[Follow the link to the Puzzle Corner Page]
Fenella the Rottweiler
16.45  End of Day One
17.45  Leave Badock for Social Event (Meal in the Zoo)

Thursday 14 September 2006
Day 2 – Postgrad Student Papers & General
09.30  MSc Paper (Winner)
A Learning Approach for Call
Admission Control in Cellular Networks

Xu Yang (Queen Mary, University of London)
10.00  MSc Paper (Finalist)
Distinguishing Ischemic from
Non-ischemic Events Based on the ST Segments of the Electrocardiogram

Michalis Smirnakis (Aston University)
10.30  Judging and Tea / Coffee
11.05  Award Presentation
11.15  Modelling the Aerospace Aftermarket Using Intelligent Agents
Mark Cheeseman (Rolls-Royce)
12.30  Lunch
13.30  Rule Migration as a Technique for Designing Emergence
Heather Turner (York University)
14.15  Underwater Acoustics
Paul Lepper (Loughborough University)
15.00  Tea / Coffee and End of Meeting

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